Cost Certainty With Aggregate Piers

Working underground, especially with a poor soil profile, brings up a plethora of words and phrases that cause a massive amount of dread for Owners and General Contractors alike: Unknown Risks. Field Variability. Weather Dependent.

These terms can mean many different things and take several shapes and forms – but what they signify at the highest level no matter what they might be – is cost. Whether in terms of time, money, or both – Aggregate Piers are great way to eliminate these terms from your projects glossary and bring cost and schedule certainty to your overall foundation and soils solution.

Aggregate Piers provide certainty in your cost and schedule in several ways:

By Nature

Subgrade Solutions Aggregate Pier designs are deterministic in nature. Based on depth, spacing, and quantity of the piers required, the design translates rather seamlessly into material and labor cost estimates.

By Design

Subgrade Solutions Aggregate Pier designs by default, always penetrate through the cause concerning layers of the soil profile and mitigate settlement concerns by bearing into competent soils below. This mitigates settlement uncertainty, bypassing the influence of the poor soil layers. This also allows our installation to follow a predetermined minimum depth, therefore mitigating field variability of design.

By Installation

Our vibratory installation method allows consistent on-site productivity and is once again factored into the design process and determining our schedule. Subgrade Solutions vibratory equipment allows for quick penetration and displacement of in-situ soils and efficient compaction of the aggregate in the column. The installation process is also extremely versatile when it comes to weather – with a proof rolled level rough subgrade, we move forward rain, shine, or snow.

In summary, Aggregate Piers have a quantifiable design based on your site’s soil profile and your projects structural requirements, allowing Subgrade Solutions to deliver a tangible cost savings and schedule improvement with certainty compared to traditional alternatives. Reach out to us any time on how we can add certainty and confidence to your next project!


    The Subgrade Solutions' team has over 20 years combined underground construction and excavation experience. Our engineering team brings over 30 years of ground improvement design experience, designing and working with soil profiles from around the globe. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

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