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Subgrade Solutions is a specialty geotechnical subcontractor specializing in the design and installation of aggregate pier ground improvement. Subgrade Solutions is backed by the experience of $100M in completed contracts, both public and private. Subgrade Solutions engineering staff have combined ground improvement and aggregate pier design experience of over 30 years.

Soil issues concerning bearing capacity, settlement, and contamination pose many factors that can affect your project’s cost and schedule. Whether you’re a general contractor, owner, or developer – we want you to make the decision that is best suited for your budget and schedule.

Aggregate piers, also known as Vibratory Stone Columns, are widely accepted by geotechnical and structural engineers to mitigate settlement and increase structural capacity of undocumented fill, compressible soils, unconsolidated granular soils, and many other soil profiles that have low bearing capacities and are susceptible to long & short term settlements.

what is an

Aggregate Pier?

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Value Engineering

Use ground improvement to drive cost savings from the very beginning. Increase bearing capacity, reduce footing size & materials, and save time on your schedule.

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Ground improvement is an inherently design-build process. Get started early to capture the value of our process.

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Adherence to design and on site performance is critical. Our operators have world class aggregate pier and deep foundation tenure & experience. From identifying installation nuances to coordination with adjacent trades, let our site experience work for you, not against you.

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The Subgrade Solutions team has reach across the United States, with offices in Chicago and St. Louis.

Please call if your project’s state is not highlighted below as our coverage is expanding on a regular basis!


    The Subgrade Solutions' team has over 20 years combined underground construction and excavation experience. Our engineering team brings over 30 years of ground improvement design experience, designing and working with soil profiles from around the globe. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

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