our process


Our team will work with yours to determine the best solution for your project.  Bring us your soils investigation & construction plans and we will evaluate for cost, schedule and design.  Aggregate Piers may be a viable option saving you time and money even if not recommended in the geotechnical report.


Engineered design

Our design is dictated by  foundation design, loading, and site soil profile.    With a geotechnical report, foundation plan, and civil drawings (or relative rough subgrade elevations) we will have enough information to put together a preliminary design and deliver a proposal.  We can even work from a napkin sketch for budgets.


We will provide a complete engineered design from which we will install the Aggregate Piers.  We will validate the design with a test on a sacrificial pile and provide ongoing testing during the installation of the piers.  Additionally, our rigs are equipped with tracking systems that monitor the depth, pressure, time and GPS location of each pier installed.  All of this is added insurance that the Aggregate Piers perform per the design requirements