Helical Pier Advantages:

Helical Piers are an attractive deep foundation solution that can be installed efficiently and economically. Subgrade Solutions has the capability to design and install helical piers in tension and compression applications, with load capacities of up to 200,000lbs compression depending on site soil conditions

  • 1Various installation techniques and equipment with limited access options for low accessibility projects and tight spaces
  • 2Minimal noise and negligible vibration making helical piers a top choice when working in close proximity to sensitive equipment and occupied and/or operational structures
  • 3No spoils to haul off or remove, great for contaminated sites
  • 4Fast installation
  • 5Immediate loading allows footing and foundation work to follow instantly after helical installation
  • 6Multiple variations of shaft sizes and helical plates combinations to accommodate a large variety of soil conditions and load requirements without large differences in cost
  • 7Helical piers are inherently self testing as the structural capacity of a helical pier is directly related to the torque achieved during installation, eliminating the need for costly load testing
  • 8Can be used along side of other deep foundations or ground improvements to provide a complete foundation solutions package for multidimensional soil and project conditions


    The Subgrade Solutions' team has over 20 years combined underground construction and excavation experience. Our engineering team brings over 30 years of ground improvement design experience, designing and working with soil profiles from around the globe. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

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